Drew Kornreich

Co-Founder and Pastor

Drew was born into a Jewish home and became a Christian over 30 years ago when he trusted in the Lord Jesus to forgive him for his sins. Drew’s passion and whole-hearted desire is to teach the Word of God, so all may receive the Gospel and come into a life-saving relationship with Jesus Christ. He has pastored for over 22 years and received his Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Penny Kornreich

Co-Founder and CEO

Penny is passionate about connecting with people where they are in their seasons of life, as the timeless truths found in Scripture transform people’s lives. She holds a master’s degree from Covenant Theological Seminary. One of Penny’s many gifts is visionary leadership. It serves to drive us forward. She’s devoted to introducing everyone to the love of Jesus. And her enthusiasm is infectious.

Don Cerra

President, Coach and Encourager

By profession, Don is passionate about building green, sustainable homes but serving the Lord is his first goal. Often heard to say, “God’s got this!” -- Don is a catalyst for the positive effects of moving forward. He provides insight and strategy for the ministry. At age 40, he had the born-again experience that now drives his life.

Nancy Cerra

COO and Marketing Strategist

Marketing and advertising were the impetus for Nancy’s real estate career which in turn, connected her to the co-founders of Irruption Ministries. Nancy is focused on having the ministry reach as many people as possible with the good news of the risen Christ Jesus and His gifts of salvation, freedom and life eternal. Persistence is her middle name. “Leave no stone unturned” is her modus operandi.

Tory Kornreich

Social Media & Community Strategist

Tory desires God’s transforming love and power to go out through the teaching of His Word into the world. As Irruption Ministries’ architect of web-based strategies, she invests her time, energy and knowledge to accomplish that goal. Tory is currently enrolled at Regent University.

Stuart Merritt

Board Member

Stuart has raised money for many Christian causes for more than 32 years. He holds a number of certifications and is pleased to work alongside Irruption Ministries in helping people gift a variety of assets or property to the ministry. If you are interested in speaking with Stuart about ways to support the ministry, he can be reached by clicking on the Contact link.