I M Church is a Micro Church, a gathering of people that meets in 3rd places in Aiken, South Carolina.

As followers of Jesus we see ourselves as THE Church; the living, breathing disciples of Jesus, who are following after Him on His mission in our homes, in our work, and 3rd places, where we spend our leisure time.

We don’t think of ourselves as spectators, but as participants, and we don’t necessarily see the church as a traditional building.

All places and all spaces can be sacred as new stories are created that join the bigger narrative of Jesus’ story.

We believe God meets all of us where we are on our spiritual journey. Jesus reached out to people who were far from God, disconnected from Him, skeptical, as well as those who were ready to receive Him and His teachings. I M Church aims to do the same.

I M Church gatherings are for people of all backgrounds and all walks of life. Together, we strive to build one another up, as we develop friendships that are both encouraging and supportive. We choose to live life everyday by being committed to serving others as Jesus did.

We hope you will join the conversation.

All are welcome.

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