God Breaking In SM
Oh, that you would burst from the heavens and come down!
Isaiah 64:1

God Breaking InSM

The word ‘irruption’ means ‘a sudden entry,’ ‘a rushing or bursting in’ from the outside. Irruption Ministries is a faith-based company that believes God is breaking into lives every day in every space: at home, work and leisure. God’s presence exists and reigns in all of these spaces. We desire to proclaim Jesus’ message as we follow Him on His mission in the city of Aiken, SC and beyond.

Our focus is to provide a variety of ways in which God’s Word breaks into our lives. This includes the following: on-line and interactive Bible studies, sermons, videos, and podcasts; Zoom calls for discussion of helpful topics.

Many voices can be heard today, competing for our time, attention and allegiance. However, only one voice originates in glory above and has come down to us in the pages of Scripture, irrupting into our lives.



“To help people realize God’s dream for their lives, experience Jesus’ love deeply and live in a dynamic relationship with Him and one another as the sent people of God into the world, every day and everywhere.”

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We are a team united by our passion to bring the truth of who Jesus is to all whom we encounter by being radically committed to His mission in the world. Jesus’ love binds us together. Filling us. Enabling us to love deeply and love others well.


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Irruption Ministries is a Christian ministry, based in Aiken, South Carolina.

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