We invite you to explore with us how as followers of Jesus, He is sending us into the world to be missionaries in the places we live, work and play. God is continually breaking into our lives as we live on mission.


Please join us on two interactive and participatory Zoom Classes as we Rethink Jesus and Rethink the Church.

Zoom Class 1 – Rethinking Jesus
Length – 4 weeks
Teacher – Drew Kornreich

Rethinking Jesus: His Mission; His Movement; The Mindset; and The Major Transition

  1. The Mission of Jesus – Isaiah 42:1-9
  2. The Movement of Jesus - Mark 2:1-12
  3. The Resolute Mindset - Mark 5:24-34
  4. The Major Transition - Acts 2:42-47

Zoom Class 2 – Rethinking the Church
Length – 4 weeks
Teachers – Penny & Drew Kornreich

Rethinking the Church: Living Temples; Creating A 5Q Culture; Everyday Discipleship & Practices; and Leading with Love

  1. Living Temples – Matthew 12:6
  2. Creating A 5Q Culture – Genesis 1-3; Ephesians 4:1-16
  3. Everyday Discipleship & Practices – Luke 6:40
  4. Leading with Love – Matthew 22:37-39

More info about the Zoom Classes will be posted soon. Please check back. We look forward to having you join us!